Green Around The Gills

November 17th: Read an important update from our family about continuing operations

We got sick and tired of the way things are, particularly the fashion industry, so we decided to do something about it. A company you can count on to do the right thing – Mudminnow chooses sustainability over everything. Founded during a worldwide pandemic and with challenges that would have sent many teams packing, we are still swimming.  

We started out as a brand focused on subliminal messaging but quickly realized our heart is the earth. The more we learned about the fashion industry the more we knew we had to be eco friendly...legitimately eco friendly. There is just no other solution other than responsibility.  

The Paddletail Project or Mudminnow is symbolic of the shortness of life in the physical body coupled with the will to survive. The life of an individual mudminnow doesn't always end well, most captains will tell you it never does on the end of their hook, but mudminnows continue to be one of the toughest fish in the open water and your livewell every year.


Decatur Sonenberg

Mudminnow Founder and Shot Caller